Top 3 Horrifying Movies of All Time

Are you up for a challenge? How about watching a scary movie with your loved one on a silent night? Now, that is even more horrifying!

It is indeed a challenge for a movie lover to finish a horror-filled movie without covering the eyes with one hand or covering your mouth not to let the neighbors hear your loud scream. You can purchase horror movies online using the “korting actie van de dag” code or discount action of the day code to avail discounts. But if you are over watching romantic or comedy movies, why not spice up the night by watching one of these top horrifying movies on the list?

Check out these top 3 scary movies of all time.


Gruesome murders and an unidentified murderer— These are the best descriptions about the movie. It is indeed one of the terrifying movies in the industry.

The movie was about dreadful mysterious murders that always happen on the Amsterdam Canals, leaving only a few to no clues for police officers.

For those who love to watch movies about connecting the dots and solving mysteries, this movie is perfect for you. Amsterdamned is a mysterious movie that will keep you thrilled until the end.

The Conjuring 2

A popular sequel real-life horror story about paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, helping the single mother, Peggy Hodgson, trying to get rid of the evil inside their house.

Peggy’s daughter started showing symptoms of getting possessed by a malevolent spirit. Ed and Lorraine tried to save the girl, but they found themselves being targeted instead.

Do you want to watch what happened next? Were they able to finish their mission as paranormal investigators? We challenge you to finish the movie without covering your eyes, even for a second. Enjoy!


Just like The Conjuring 2, Insidious is also one of the most popular horror movies of all time.

The story was about a family who moved into a new home who later on found out that out of their world entities are living with them in their new house, and worst is, started interacting and attacking their family members. It all became worst when the parents found out that their son was making an astral projection, which he inherited from his father. As they seek help from a professional demonologist, everything became more intense and terrifying in their new home.

Were they able to get back their normal lives? That’s a question that you can surely watch after watching the movie.

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Enjoy watching!