About Us

We are Mirai-ikiru. We love movies just like you. The thrill and the excitement every time there’s a new movie coming to the cinemas make our heart beat faster.

We enjoy watching movies on the weekends. We always make sure to be one of the people who get to watch the latest movies.

Mirai-ikiru aims to bring the art of movies move closer to the hearts of people. In a world where people are becoming busy with their working lives, Mirai-ikiru aims to start painting colors to it by making the beauty of movies, easier to be accessed by everyone.

This is one of the reasons Mirai-ikiru’s existence. We bring the uniqueness of every movie standout amidst the thousands of movies that are there in the industry.

We believe that every movie gives different types of emotion to everyone. We believe that they can give hope, give a different perception, broaden someone’s understanding, and open new doors to their viewers.

We believe that movies are not just movies. We believe that they are also one of the instruments that help this world become a better place.

We are committed to continuing this service for our valued visitors to show our sincere appreciation for believing in what we do. We will continue developing our ability and our platform, to continue providing the best service that we can to everyone.

This is not just about creating movie reviews, this is Mirai-ikiru’s commitment and passion for creating a stronger bond between the people and the movie industry.